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 Nadiloc Enterprises

Nadirah Bennu Seshat Maát is the Presiding Priestess of the Sons of Ra Min-istries. She is the Presiding Minister of the Temple of Maát. She received her MBA from Pepperdine University and is an entrepreneur specializing in wholistic treat-ment from head to toe. She is a certified yoga teacher specializing in Kundalini and Hatha yoga; Certified massage therapist specializing in sacral-cranial balancing and an Agape licensed spiritual counselor, and a certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault counselor; A native of Los Angeles, Nadirah began her yoga journey when she was nineteen after seeing her mother practicing various postures. As a trainer, business owner and counselor she integrates her yogic lifestyle in all aspects of her life. These experiences have provided a clear understanding of the importance of a balanced mind, body and soul to relieve the cumulative effects of chronic stress. Nadirah brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. She is the mother of two adult children & an adult granddaughter. ~Sawubona


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